Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SuperSpeed Science

As a middle school science teacher, I have been  trying to figure out how to best utilize the idea of the Superspeed games and increase the use of my Super Improvers Wall. Although I would love to use the math and reading games, I only have students for 42 minutes and have a lot of curriculum to get through in that short amount of time. So I wanted to figure out a way to take the basic idea of the SuperSpeed games, and apply it to my science curriculum. 

What I've come up with is a SuperSpeed Science game. The idea is to have a list of topics on one side of a piece of paper, and a list of those topics with details on the other(answer key). Students would play just like SuperSpeed math, where one student orally responds while another student checks their answers using the answer key.
I love the idea of the SuperSpeed games, and really love the idea of working to break personal records. This way, you have everyone being recognized for making improvements. No matter how well you do, you can always do better. So both the high and the lower students are being challenged equally.
My plan is to create these SuperSpeed Science sheets for each main topic that I cover in class. Look for more to be posted here as the year goes on!
I would really appreciate any suggestions that you may have to make this activity even better! 

My first unit for the year deals with lab safety rules and symbols, so I've created a SuperSpeed Science sheet for this information. Students already have a list of 10 safety rules and 15 symbols. Here's the sheet as a Google Doc

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