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The whole brain writing program that I will be using 2013-2014 in 6th grade:
1. What is a sentence - Program 549- These are the basics of what a sentence needs to have in it. Even in sixth-grade, students continue to write fragments and run on sentences.

2. Oral Writing -Program 502 - This builds off of the complete sentence lesson above, and gives daily and constant practice in starting with a capital letter, giving a complete thought, and ending with punctuation. Brain toys, such as the because clapper, example popper, and detail adder are also introduced as frames for writing different types of sentences that convey clear ideas. Read Jasselle Cruz's blog posts on speaking oral essays and oral punctuation

3. Genius Ladder - Program 841 - This program works to add depth to sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs, and "extenders".

4. Red/Green Marker Writing - Program 531- The beauty of this program is that is allows the teacher and peer editors to focus on one specific concept and mark where in a student's writing it was done well, and where it needs improvement.

5. What is the main idea- Program 550 - Building on the idea of writing a complete sentence, this program works, obviously, on understanding main idea.

6. Triple Gold sentence - Program 542 - This program takes main idea and works to add detail - building towards a topic sentence for a paragraph.

7. What is a topic sentence- Program 551  - Continuing the program above, the triple gold sentence is used to show the main idea of a paragraph.

8. What is a paragraph- Program 552 - Finally, a Triple Whammy paragraph gives a basic paragraph structure of topic sentence, detail adder, detail adder, detail adder, and concluder. This basic paragraph frame can then be enhanced through complex sentences and depth in detail.

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