Monday, April 29, 2013

5 step lesson plan - Tectonic Boundaries

Step 1:Question:  What are the tectonic boundaries?
Quick Google image search for “plate tectonic map”, use  Picture

Step 2: Answer: Tectonic plate boundaries can be divergent, convergent, or transform.
(gesture: Stick out thumbs and move them away from each other, move pointer fingers towards each other, slide palms against each other in opposite directions)

Step 3: Explore: Intro video
Table on SMART board. Pairs use simulator to predict/analyze plate movements, and fill in chart.
When plates move towards each other...
When plates move away from each other...
When plates move past each other...

Step 4: Quick Test (QT) using SMART Response clickers
  1. Convergent boundaries form when plates move towards each other.
  2. Tectonic boundaries are things that move.
  3. A tectonic boundary is a place where two plates interact.
  4. Divergent plates can cause earthquakes.
  5. Transform plates create a large amount of friction.
  6. All tectonic boundaries occur because of the asthenosphere’s movement.
  7. Convergent boundaries can make mountains.
  8. Divergent boundaries make new crust.
  9. A subduction zone happens when one plate goes beneath another plate and becomes part of the mantle.
  10. A collision between two pieces of oceanic crust will form a subduction zone.

Step 5: Write/ Critical Thinking: Genius Paragraph

Extender sentence with two detail adders giving evidence: Plates move slowly towards each other at a convergent boundary. Two plates come together and crash into each other.

Starter blah sentence: Plates move.
Paragraph Objective: Write one extender with detail adder that gives evidence
Use whiteboard to share sentences with the class. Use oral writing with capital letter gesture (one arm raised up in the air, other arm low to the ground) and period gesture (eeek sound as hand moves forward).

Exit Slip: Andes mountains in South America, earthquakes in California, mid-ocean ridge in the Atlantic Ocean

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