Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Currently and Middle School BlogLovin Linky Party

So it looks like I completely forgot June, but that's OK. Not much happened in June! LOL So here's July. Thanks Farley over at Oh' Boy in Fourth Grade for another great Currently!

I am currently listening to the sound of pure silence. With three kiddos and a 5 month old golden retriever, silence it not something I enjoy often during daylight hours. It won't last long, I know, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

I am loving that this week we are celebrating the 4th of July! We are celebrating with my brother, as it's his 39th birthday, then going to swim at a friend's, with lots of friends, kids, food, and fun. My husband is so busy in the summer, so it's going to be great to enjoy the holiday with the people I love most in the world!

I always think that I have so much time in the summer to get everything done for August, but the summer ALWAYS go SO FAST! How can it be July already! I have so many more things to do! I am working on aligning my curriculum with the Next Generation Science Standards, creating/finding Power Pix to use to important concepts, creating SMART files for Quick Tests in each five step lesson plan that will use the SMART Response clickers, as well as fine tuning my curriculum with oral writing, triple whammy, and the interactive science notebooks that we use. Lots to do!

I am currently working to set up conferences in Illinois and all states west of the Mississippi River. SO if you are interested in a FREE Saturday conference, please send me a message. Click on the email icon on the right. Here's the basic info on conferences:

  • Free to all teacher - no cost at all as Whole Brain Teaching is a movement, not a business!
  • Saturday conference from 8-12 (negotiable depending on location)
  • Focus for conference is Classroom Management; this includes the Big 7 and the Super Improvers Team
  • There is NO CHARGE to the conference host for the conference either. The conference is FREE! The only expense is for my travel. I'm located in northern Illinois, so depending on the distance, travel expenses could be as simple as mileage or would require air far, 1 night hotel, and car rental if necessary.
Whole Brain Teaching is sweeping through the nation!

To totally change the subject...What I am really needing to do right now is clean my bathrooms. It's not glamorous, but is a necessity. I just have to work myself up to it!

Finally, of course right now I am re-reading Coach B.'s Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids!

OK...I've enjoyed enough silence...now off to tackle to bathrooms...wish me luck!

...so...it's five hours later...and I still have not cleaned my bathrooms. Oh well. I'll do it after the holiday!

I came across a great linky party from Jamie over at Sixth Grade Tales! She created a linky just for Middle School teachers using the BlogLovin pages. I just joined BlogLovin last week (with Google Reader's demise), so this is a perfect time to join a linky! And let's be honest, us middle school teachers need to stick together before elementary teachers take over the entire bloggin world!

 So, if you have a second, hop over to Jamie's site and check out the great linky party!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I so badly want to learn more about WBT this summer. Once I finish up the books I am reading now I am going to look into it more. Do you have any suggestions for getting started?

    Sixth Grade Tales
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  2. And now as I look more closer at your blog I see the where to start tab! Wow, you have it so organized. Thank you!

  3. Jamie, thanks so much for coming over to my blog, and for a great middle school linky party! I am a certified WBT trainer, so if you ever have any questions, please let me know! I are working to schedule half day Saturday conferences for personal training, and there's a great FB page just for us middle school teachers. Lots of resources...and everything is free. We are a movement, not a business. If you haven't ordered the book yet, you have to get it - it is amazing. There are over 50 free eBooks and tons of hour long webcasts on the website too. I hope you get time to jump in soon! Let me know how it's going when you do!

  4. I popped over here from the Middle School Bloglovin blog hop. I already linked up with that fantastic Bloglovin Hop but I wanted to invite you to come and link up AGAIN to another Bloglovin LInky! http://teachingisagift.blogspot.ca/2013/07/back-to-school-with-bloglovin-blog-hop.html. You can download a great freebie and enter to win your own personal laminator!