Friday, July 19, 2013

Super Improvers Team Tips

I thought I would repost this for anyone working to set up their Super Improvers Team for the coming school year!

It's a post from last year called 6 Ways to the Super Improvers Team. I hope you find it helpful!

As middle school teachers, we usually get the privilege of interacting with a large number of students everyday. This fact alone can make the Super Improvers Team more challenging to use. The above post gives tips on how to make that more manageable, but if you still find that you are nervous about keeping up with it, or just aren't ready to jump in with individual cards, there is another option.

Instead of having one Super Improver card for each individual student, you would have one card for each class period. To move up the levels, each class would need to successfully complete a list of goals that you set forth.

To start the year, a white card will be posted for each class period. Either on each card, or below each card, the class' goals will be posted. To begin, all class goals will be exactly the same.

For example:
1. At least 50% of students will make it to class on time for 3 days.
2. At least 50% of students will pass a quiz.
3. All students will bring a pencil to class for 3 days in a row.
4. Students will win the scoreboard 3 times.

When each goal is met, it will be checked off. When all goals are met, the white card for that class period will be taken down and replaced with a green card (of green is your second level). New goals will then be posted underneath this new green card. These new goals will be a little bit more difficult to reach, and can be customized for that class' specific needs.

For example:
1. At least 60% of students will make it to class on time for 3 days.
2. All students will bring a pencil to class for 4 days in a row.
3. At least 60% of students will complete a homework assignment.
and so on...

In this manner, a class as a whole will strive to make and set personal records as a class. They will move through the levels together.

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