Friday, August 9, 2013

Power Pix

What are Power Pix?
Power Pix are posters that are used to help teach specific vocabulary words. Each Power Pix includes a question, answer, word, picture, and gesture. The border color of a Power Pix tells the content area: red for math, blue for language arts, green for science. Each pix shows the Common Core or Next Generation Science standard to which it is linked, but those can be edited to match each teachers' individual state standard as necessary.

How do you use Power Pix?
 Power Pix are either taught before a lesson, during a lesson, or after a lesson, depending on the need and age of the students. Sometimes the Power Pix may be the focus of the entire lesson. For example, a lesson on "main idea" can revolve entirely around a Power Pix. Here's what that lesson might look like:

  1. Teacher asks the question. Students do a teach okay to ask the question over and over.
  2. Teacher gives the answer with gesture. Teacher repeats the answer with gesture using mirror words. Students to a teach okay to say the answer with gesture over and over.
  3. An explore activity helps students to dig deeper into the concept.
  4. Students respond to 10 T/F questions in a Quick Test, showing a thumbs up for true or thumbs down for false. Teacher takes note of any incorrect responses to either review as a whole class or with individual students as necessary.
  5. Students complete a critical thinking activity using brain toys, writing triple whammy essays, or completing a problem solving activity.
Other times, the Power Pix word is a necessary vocabulary word for understanding a larger concept. In this case, the five steps above can be shortened, and used before or after the main lesson.

Where can I find Power Pix?
If you are an elementary teacher, there are hundreds of pre-made Power Pix ready for you to download on the main WBT website. Once you are logged in, go to "Free ebooks" and search the the multitude of free resources.You will see many eBooks dedicated to Power Pix. Language Arts and Math pix are currently being organized into a website so that you can search, download, and edit Power Pix that are relevant to your grade level.

There is also a Pinterest Board set up just for Power Pix. You can find that board HERE.

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