Friday, June 20, 2014

#2014WBT - National Conference

This week was our National Whole Brain Teaching Conference in Louisiana, where 1400 teachers from all over the WORLD came to learn more about the amazing techniques in WBT. I feel so blessed that I was able to meet and connect with some very inspirational teachers who truly have a passion to help students be successful!

 The three-day conference, hosted by Louisiana College, covered classroom management, writing, and lesson design and delivery. Each day included a large session by Coach in the main auditorium, then grade level breakout sessions that spread all across the campus.

Mr. Andre Deshotel, a Louisianan native, and I were the Middle School and High School breakout session leaders. Here's the presentation that we used for all three days! Feel free to click HERE to see the slides in prezi, and look below to see them right in this blog post!

 Please post in the comment section below if you have any questions!

 Power to the Teachers!
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  1. Thank you Sarah & Andre. You gave me lots to work on for next year. I was curious about the SIW. It looks like you give the class extra stars/points if they all have their pencils & workbooks. How does that work? Does it take a lot of time to check this? Thanks so much, Helen T. from San Diego

    1. Helen, thanks! Please feel free tp post a comment on this blog, or on the Middle School Facebook page, ANY time you have questions!!!

      For the Super Improver Team, when there's a goal for supplies. pencils, etc., I just have the kids hold them up. "Everybody hold up your pencil!" works great. It usually takes about ten seconds to check everybody for all supplies. I do this at the start of every class period, every day, for the first few weeks of school. They each hold up their pencil, green folder, green notebook, etc. Doing all supplies might take a minute at the start of each class...but it saves SO MUCH TIME later in the year as students are trained in what to bring and are much less forgetful. They help each other remember too, because they all want their point on their Super Improver card!