Monday, January 6, 2014

#WholeBrainTeaching Free Conferences

If you are interested in learning more about Whole Brain Teaching, there are three FREE conferences that I will be holding in and near Illinois in January/February. I hope to see you there!

Click on the links below to see more info and see the link to register.

January 11 - Springfield, Illinois

January 25 - Spring Grove, Illinois

February 8 - St. Louis, Missouri 


  1. I live in Bloomington Il and I just started my WBT certification process. I am wanting to hold conferences and teach others how to do this! I teach Preschool and it has worked really well, when I used it. That was the problem- not very consistent at all!! So I am jumping in with both feet and started a blog, FB page ect. I would love to talk with you some time about how long it took you to become certified and start speaking to others!! blog:
    Thanks!!! Angie

    1. That's great Angie! It took me about a year to get certified...but I was on the fast track and zoomed right through it. It took A LOT of time and effort...but you can do it! There's nothing better than helping other teachers, because you know you will be helping so many more kids! Become active on the WBT Kinder page - Andrea Schindler is the admin of that page, and is one of the co-founders of WBT! Get the book, and start posting your responses to the chapter questions to earn certification points. You got this!