Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Energy,and January Currently

I don't believe in resolutions. They always make me feel bad about myself. Let's face it, I'm not giving up chocolate or cocktail hour, I'm not going to be a size 6 by summer, and my house will always be a mess. Those are the resolutions I always seemed to focus on. So, instead of resolutions, I try to look at how I've been using my energy, and where I need to focus my energy for the coming year. Below are the thoughts I have about how to spend my energy in 2014. Happy New Year everyone!

1. MY FAMILY: Always first and foremost. We already have family dinners, and I try never to do any work while the kids are awake. It makes for some late nights for me, but it's worth it. This year I want to have a game night, at least once a week. My three kiddos could definitely use to practice taking turns and showing patience, and I could use some more time without Caillou on the tv. I also want to have a date night with my awesome hubby at least once a month. I would love it more often, but I've realistic- once a month is an attainable goal. With three kids and busy lives it has been hard to find time for each other, so that's where I want to focus my energy too.

2. MY STUDENTS: Being involved in so many things (WBT, Union President, PBIS internal Coach, etc) can make my school days quite hectic. I can sometimes get into a habit of multitasking while at school, and I lose sight of my students individual needs. This year I want to put a concerted effort into being completely present with my students. When they are in the room, my only focus is on them, not the parent emails, papers to grade, meetings to plan for, or tomorrow's lesson plans.

3. WBT VIDEOS: The Whole Brain Teaching movement has completely changed my teaching life forever. My energy focus this year with WBT will be to make more videos. I haven't made any so far this school year, and I want to have some more great videos to help teachers learn WBT strategies.  

4. BE OPEN: My last energy focus for the year is to be more open to what God has planned for me. I can get very wrapped up in my own to-do lists and often lose sight of the bigger picture. I want to be more open to things and not get so frustrated when things go against the plan that I lad out. Yes, I am a bit of a control freak.

5. BE CURRENT: I am an admin on this blog, our Middle School Facebook page, the WBT Book Club, my TpT store, and my classroom website.  I want to put more energy into staying up to date on each of these, as well as stay organized in each area.

So there you go.  And now for my January Currently...(better late than never)...


  1. You're right, it's going to be SOOOOO cold! In my little area of Illinois we're expecting blizzard conditions tomorrow and then temps in the negative 40s on Monday. YIKES! Lots of other area districts have already canceled, but since ours is having a teacher-only day who knows if we'll be going in. Stay warm!